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  History of the Sausage Dog
Dachs·hund\'däks-hunt\ n [G, fr. dachs badger + hund dog]: a small dog of a breed of German origin with a long body, short legs, and long drooping ears.

Dachshunds were originally breed by Germans, who, over hundreds of years managed to produce a dog that was capable of hunting badgers and rabbits. This is called "going to ground". The dog would be sent into the Badger set and would have to overpower it. "Dachs" comes from the German word for Badger. They are enthusiastic dogs to say the least, seeming to have boundless energy and a highly developed, some may say Anthropomorpic character. People say Dachshunds are very intelligent, I have to say that of my experience with my dad's 2 dogs, one is very clever and the other is.. well... a bit of a thicky. Sorry dad.

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Hehe - take a look at my alternative history for the badger hound.
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Hello and welcome to my blog dedicated to my two miniature wire haired dachshunds - Coco & Mitzy. Here you will find lots of useful information about these adorable dogs.

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